/Normal Respiratory Rate For Children

Normal Respiratory Rate For Children

Young children may also have Respiratory (ASTHMA) problems, prevent them from these methods.


  1. At the onset of asthma, breathing problems, cough, etc. begin.
  2. Asthma affects the lungs very much.
  3. Most children have child-onset asthma.

It is normal to have an allergy, cold coughing as winter comes. In such cases, those people are most likely to suffer from asthma, that is asthma. Due to asthma, swelling occurs in the parts of the trachea or the surrounding areas. Because of which problems in breathing start to come. Not only this, the air could not move properly in the lungs. Consequences of respiratory problems, cough and so on. This is the beginning of asthma. Asthma affects the lungs very much. Due to asthma, the person increases the risk of many respiratory diseases. Asthma not only takes young people and adults but also takes children in their grip.

Children born in winter are more prey to asthma and other lung diseases. Bergan University’s Department of Global Health and Primary Care, after researching more than 12 thousand people, concludes that children born between November and January when they are young, they start to have more respiratory disorders. There are other reasons for lung function loss such as infection, childbirth at birth, or smoking by mother but a very big reason is said to be born in winter.

Other Fatal Diseases

This research found that the possibility of an outbreak of chronic COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) from asthma as well as other fatal illnesses with lung function remains constant. According to researchers, the time of birth is directly responsible for the reduction in lung capacity. It was also informed by this research that children born in the winter are susceptible to respiratory infections in the first few months, which later become a permanent cause of lung weakness.

There are many types of Asthma

Asthma is due to many reasons and it is of several types. During allergic asthma, you are allergic to something like, when you come in contact with dust and dust, you become asthma or you become asthma with weather changes, whereas non-allergic asthma causes a lot of stress or very fast- There may be a lot of laughs. Many times you get too much cold or too much cough, even if you have non-allergic asthma. Most children have child-onset asthma. As asthmatics gets older, the child starts coming out of this type of asthma on its own. It is not very risky but treatment is necessary at the right time.


Avoiding Asthma is Essential

  1. Rescue is very important for asthma patients; in this case, stay away from dust. Avoid cleaning and stay away from the old dust-cloth clothing.
  2. Stay away from smoking if you have asthma and also distance from smokers.
  3. Do not go very close to pets and take them every week.
  4. Use the Inhaler as per the advice of the physician.
  5. Contact the doctor immediately after the asthma attack, otherwise, use the inhaler.
  6. Get your investigation periodically.
  7. Exercise is very important for asthma patients.
  8. Stress is caused by excessive anxiety, anger and fear, and mental stimuli, which changes heart rate and breathing patterns. This causes obstruction of the respiratory tract. So do not take tension of inexplicable.

Keep Home to Avoid Asthma Allergy-Proof, Take These Tips


  1. Asthma patients should keep the attention of cleanliness.
  2. Always keep an inhaler with you to avoid any trouble.
  3. Talk to your doctor before exercising.

Asthma patients should make every effort to save themselves from dust in and out of the house. Physicians believe that respiratory problems increase in asthma patients due to changes in the environment. In such cases, asthmatic patients should pay attention to certain things:

Clean House

Clean House
Clean House

Keep special cleanliness in places where dust is more secure. Because the asthma allergen can harm you. Humidity present in the environment inside and outside the home can be a source of trouble for you. Allow sunlight inside the house during the day and close the windows and doors in the evening, keeping the quality of the air.


Other Tips to Avoid Asthma Attack

  1. Always keep your inhaler close to you.
  2. Do not sit at the bottom of the AC or fan.
  3. Cover with a dusty atmosphere.
  4. Beware of changes in temperature at home and outside.
  5. Avoid too much warmer and more humid environments as the possibility of the spread of mold spores increases. Do not leave home at the time of the storm and storm. Keep asthma under control and keep your medicines in all directions.
  6. If your child is asthmatic, then tell his friends and teachers what to do in the condition of the attack.
  7. If possible, keep a scarf near you so that you can escape the Pollution from the air.
  8. Avoid any type of smoke inside the house and open the windows at night and leave AC instead of sleeping.

Keep the Ceiling Clean

If you are suffering from asthma and you live in your home for most of the time, then keep in mind that it is important to clean the roof along with cleaning the rooms and hall. Wash the water instead of brooming on the roof. This will not budge and the roof will be cleaned. That’s because the dirt of the roof goes somewhere through our rooms to reach us. So do the cleaning of the roof.

Keep the Ceiling Clean
Keep the Ceiling Clean

Try Home Remedies:

Ginger and garlic

Both ginger and garlic are beneficial in the treatment of asthma. In the initial stage of asthma, boiling five buds of garlic in 30 ml milk and taking this mixture daily gives benefits. Apart from this, mixing two buds of garlic in hot tea of ginger can also control asthma by drinking it twice a day.

Celery is beneficial

Asthma is destroyed after taking a half cup of celery juice and adding the same quantity of water in it after morning and evening meal. Steam with celery water is also beneficial to protect against asthma. For this, add celery in water and boil it and take the steam rising from the water. It provides immediate relief in breathing.

Use of honey

Honey is considered to be quite beneficial in asthma. Honey improves mucus, which causes asthma disorders. Sniffing of honey when the attack of asthma is also beneficial. Apart from this, mixing honey with three times a glass of lukewarm water can definitely help in asthma by drinking it.

Sahajan leaves

Seek comfortably by boiling water for about 5 minutes in water. When the mixture is lightly cooked, add salt to it, one quarter.

Fenugreek is also beneficial

Fenugreek is very helpful in repairing the inner allergy of the body. Boil some of the fenugreek seeds with a glass of water until the water is one-third. Mix honey and ginger juice in this water and eat it every morning and evening. You will have definite benefits. Patients with asthma can also eat fenugreek seeds.