/What is Jio Coins and how Jio Coins Works?

What is Jio Coins and how Jio Coins Works?

Reliance Jio launching Jio coin

Now a day everybody wants to invest in cryptocurrency and the digital currency named Bitcoin is very popular. Cryptocurrency provides an open source for enabling the transaction. And you don’t need to go bank to store your money.

Most of the people are investing their money in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethreum and much more like this. Even few peoples have good knowledge about cryptocurrency but most of the people want to invest their money in cryptocurrency. Today we will discuss Jio Coin and where we can buy Jio coin and how Jio coin functions.

Now, Reliance Jio announced that reliance will also have launched cryptocurrency named Jio coin like Bitcoin. Other than Bitcoin, the innovation additionally discovers utility in medicinal services, horticulture, land, banks/finTech, 5G, and IOT.

Akash Ambani the director of Reliance Jio Infocomm said Jio is committed and using open source technology.

Jio Coin Cryptocurrency
Jio Coin Cryptocurrency

Jio coin launch date

Reliance Jio is working and planning to launch Jio coin in the market. Dependence Jio has made an expert group of 50 individuals. Who are the master of cryptographic money and buckling down for Jio Coin ICO? The team also focused on security and also giving latest protection for the wallet for safe from hackers. Akash Ambani leading this team. There is no launching and announcing the date for Jio coin ICO.

The team is working hard on different Blockchain products so it will take some time.

As we know most of Indians showing their interest in cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethreum and many more. Because the price of bitcoin highly increases to $20,000 within past two months. Because of increment everybody showing their interest in cryptocurrency.

How to buy Jio Coin ICO?

Reliance Jio still not announced that when Jio Coin will be in a market. So you need to hold up the smidgen until the point that Jio coin propelled. Until the point when Jio Official Site declared we should hold up to find out about how to purchase a Jio Coin.

There are many wallets where we can purchase or sell our Bitcoin. The most well-known wallets are Unocoin, Koinex.in, Coindelta and Zebpay are giving Ripple, Bitcoin and Ethreum for buying and offer in the rupee.

Buy Jio Coins
Buy Jio Coins

Jio Coin ICO Price

Dependence Jio isn’t formally with respect to Jio coin ICO. Be that as it may, the cost of the Jio coin might be $1 which is around Rs 64 in Indian Currency. As per various source, the coin will be launch in 5 slots and the supply may be 1 billion. And the first slot buyer will get a big discount on Initial Coin Offering, and the price will increase in the second slot, the third slot, fourth slot and fifth slots. The total Initial Coin Offering supply may be 50 million.

Now it’s time to share the cryptocurrency news of Jio Coins to your friends using Twitter, Facebook etc. If you have any query about Jio Coin price, launch date, ICO, buy etc. then please feel free to comment below in comment box. Additionally, remain associated with us as we will refresh soon the entire article after the dependence Jio official declared. Note:- This site isn’t Reliance Jio Official Website.

Note:- This website is not Reliance Jio Official Website. So take this information like a pinch of salt.