/Holi colors contain side effects, save yourself

Holi colors contain side effects, save yourself

Holi colors contain side effects, save yourself

There is no concern for the advantages and disadvantages of Holi in this Holi celebration of happiness and fun.

We all celebrate Holi together, but in the meantime, we should be avoiding the chemicals found on the market. Because many times this color fades up the festival. These synthetic colors have a very harmful effect on health. As soon as the festival arrives, synthetic colors, gulal shops are started in the markets. Many times, this color has a deep effect on the eyes and people lose light too. These colors make the face and skin deteriorate. Dr. Pankaj Shrivastav, CMS of the District Hospital, says that beware of such synthetic colors.

These Colors Have A Risk Of Infection

The physician says that synthetic colors contain harmful chemicals such as hydrocarbons, hydrocodone, parsons, which have the effect on the skin such as itching, redness, rashes, skin, etc., which is extremely harmful. There is a risk of infection due to non-treatment at the time. On the other hand, greenhouses with copper sulfate, aluminum in white color, sand dyed in red, chromium iodide in purple, synthetic pimples, alum etc. are found in colors. Also, Abir can damage the skin found in gulal.

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Save Your Eyes With Chemicals In These Colors

There is no color, but it is a loss for the eyes. Eye specialist Dr. Mirza says that with the effect of Holi colors, allergic in eyes, burning of conservative chemicals, more people come with the problem of corneal abrasion. If the color goes out in the eyes, there is irritation, itching, with redness coming. If there is no comfort in a couple of days, then go for an instant eye examination. Having a glaze in the color can result in retinal damage and a particle of color can also make a wound on the cornea.

Also, Save Nose Ears

RK Chaturvedi, the nose, ear, and throat specialist of the district hospital, says that if the adulterated color reaches the ear, then they can go to the ear canal. If the color of the color reached the ear, then they can go to the ear canal. The ear canal contains highly sensitive tissue, which converts the sound into electro-signal to the brain. The effect of being a damage comes in the form of deafness. After Holi, such patients come in abundance. Synthetic colors begin to damage small tissues, thereby posing a risk of infection.

Risks Of Gulal Is Also Not Reduced

Generally, people consider Holly to play Holly as safer, but there are also harmful elements in it. Aluminum bromide is mixed in it, thereby posing a risk of cancer. Blue Gulal has a Persian Blue, which can cause allergic and infections in the skin. Mercury sulfite used in red gullet is also extremely dangerous for the skin.

Holi colors contain side effects, save yourself
Holi colors contain side effects, save yourself

The festival of colors comes only once in a year, but it fills the youth with full enthusiasm.

Holi festival comes only once in the year, but it fills the youth with full enthusiasm. But there are also some side effects for which it is also necessary to prioritize itself beforehand.

It’s been a few days now to be drenched with colors and drown in fun. The joy of this one day brings us happiness as much as it does later because, during the Holi, the side effects of the colors of the work appear. To avoid this, you should make some preparation beforehand or else skin damage can be done.

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Use These Precautions

When itching, wash the skin with cold water and take anti-allergic medication. Before playing the color, wear eyeglasses on the eye and apply oil on the body. Avoid playing Holi with synthetic colors and paints. Do not use kerosene in cleaning the paint and color in the eye. Avoid playing Holi with green and red color, do not use colors in balloons. Know some such solutions:

Apply Coconut Oil To Your Hair

Shampoo a day before Holi and place coconut oil well in them. The color will not reach the root of the hair and the hair will be safe.

Paint Your Nails

To protect the nails from the colors of the Holi, put double strings of Strong Nailpents on your hands and feet nails. This will not color the nails. Play Holi with full jeans, full sleeve shirts while playing Holi, also the skin will be at least touching the colors.

These Solutions After Holi

It is also necessary to remove color after playing Holi. For this, mix gram flour, honey, and milk and make a scrub and scrub it on your face and body. This will remove the color quickly. Add Fresh Aloe vera Gel after Scrub.

Deep Conditioning On Hair

Immediately after playing Holi, do the hair conditioning well. For this, add two eggs and one tablespoon of coconut oil in two tablespoons of honey and apply it in the hair and wash with the mild shampoo after one hour.

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